Welcome to the Amazon Nuts S.A.C. family, suppliers of the highest quality of nuts from the heart of the Peruvian Amazon forest. Considered a superfood, the nuts are 100% ecological, free of synthetic agrochemicals and pollution.


Here we share information related to this wondrous product from Mother Nature.




Our motivation is to protect the forest by generating sources of employment and social welfare that provide real sustainable alternatives to deforestation, cattle ranching and illegal mining.


We export nuts from the Amazon region, also known commercially as “Brazil Nuts”. They are considered a superfood rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and unsaturated fats. It is the largest nut and the only one with the highest selenium content, an essential mineral and antioxidant vital for stimulating and supporting a healthy immune system.


Allow us the opportunity to provide your commercial needs with high-quality and nutritious Amazon nuts from the pristine Peruvian Amazon forest.

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we export quality

Amazon Nuts S.A.C. began its business activity in 2012 and it is dedicated to the collection, processing, packaging and export of the Amazon nut. Our team has over 20 years of experience processing these valuable nuts allowing us to offer a differentiated product in the industry. Our processing plant is located in Tambopata, the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, in the department of Madre de Dios in the southeast of the country.

The social and environmental commitment of Amazon Nuts S.A.C. has allowed us to maintain sustained growth since its inception. The company’s positive social impact is reflected in generating jobs for 507 families involved in the different phases of the Amazon nut sector. These tasks include manual harvesting in the primary forest, processing, packaging and transportation. The “castañeros” and “barriqueros”, as the local harvesters are called, have developed a relationship based on collaboration and trust.

Between 2013 and 2016 sales have tripled, exporting mainly to markets such as the United States and South Korea. In 2019, we processed around 336 tons of nuts in shell from concessions in an area of 920 hectares of primary forest that were provided to local families by the Peruvian government.

we seek excellence

Throughout 2016, Amazon Nuts S.A.C. qualified to take part in an innovation fund to automate the system of cleaning and drying Amazon nuts aiming to improve processing, quality control and production capacity. In 2017, Amazon Nuts S.A.C. successfully competed and was awarded a program to fund the development of a nut drink with nutritional properties. The project involved working with researchers from public and private universities in Peru. During same year, Amazon Nuts S.A.C. had fortuitously accessed the South Korean market after a rigorous assessment conducted by the client at our facilities and witnessing the quality of our product.



We have access to excellent high-nutritional, raw material picked from the wild forest and apply effective storage techniques and processes for the preservation and quality of the product. Our own facilities offer an infrastructure of high standards and comply with strict guidelines for processing Amazon nuts.  Our producers are located in Puerto Maldonado, Department of Madre de Dios, in the southeastern part of Peru. The producers are experienced, are very familiar with the forest and understand the fragility of the ecosystem. 


We work directly, without intermediaries, with over 500 nut collectors or “castañeros” to whom we facilitate access to market for their harvested product. The operating personnel at the plant are mainly women who are the heads of households. They are highly skilled and have a comprehensive knowledge of ancestral methods on the use of tools for precise cutting and presentation to avoid spoilage.  Our highly trained technical staff are masters in handling equipment for processing and for quality control of the Amazon nut. 

The management staff is dedicated at improving all aspects of nut processing, export activity and interacting in effective communication with employees of all levels, suppliers and customers. We have qualified contractors ready to offer machinery repair services, spare parts, and the transport of the processed product in containers to satisfy national and international markets’ requirements. In order to continue the protection and the regeneration of the forest, we aim to establish solid, long-term relationships with entrepreneurs committed to strengthening the Amazon nut chain continuity using processes with low environmental impact, and high social responsibility.  We seek markets where high-quality nutritious foods are appreciated.